DIY Home Improvement

When it’s time to redo your timber floors, it’s time to make a choice: do you want to sand the floor back, polish it and make it look a million bucks, or do you want to cover it with carpet and hide its glory?

From that you can probably tell we want the best timber floor sanding Perth has to offer, right?! We’re all about showing off our hardwood flooring.

It might seem like a lot of work to clear all the rooms of any furniture, hire a sanding machine, use it correctly (careful not to gouge the floors!), then polish it with a few coats. And it is, we’re not going to lie. However, look forward into the future. Think of how many times you’ll have to vacuum carpets, use stain remover when someone spills wine or do a thorough end of lease clean if you have tenants.

Now compare that to how easy cleaning will be if you have beautifully sanded and polished floorboards. Someone spills wine, you mop it up. Glass shatters on the floor – no problem, just sweep it up without worrying about shards sticking in the fibres of the carpet.

It’s a case of short term pain for long term gain. If you can put up with a week of disruption and dust, you’re going to save many hours of cleaning work down the track.

For a big floor sanding job you probably want to hire a professional. Imagine trying to do something like the Perth Town Hall when the main floor was polished a few years back!

If you’re confident in doing the sanding yourself and you’ve got decent upper body strength, then by all means, hire a floor sander and get stuck into it. If you do, take your time. You only get one shot to get the sanding right.